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When you’re in pain, even good, thoughtful ideas about why God sometimes doesn’t answer our prayers can feel trite and fall short.

This should be the shortest blog post I’ve ever written.

Because the answer to the question posed in the title takes just three words.




A Response to the Hurting

In my previous post ‘Why Doesn’t God Answer All My Prayers? Because Some of Them are Stupid’ I addressed one kind of prayers that aren’t answered. Stupid ones. The ‘help me win the lottery’ prayers.

Unfortunately, some readers felt hurt and confused because they’ve been reaching out to God with sincere, unanswered prayers, and they thought I was writing about them.

I wasn’t.

It was never my intent to add additional pain to the burdens of hurting people. So, for those who are hurting and feel as though your sincere prayers are going unheard and unanswered, this post is for you.

Unfortunately, it’s much easier to explain why stupid prayers aren’t answered than to understand why the cries of hurting people seem to be met with silence.

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Karl Vaters