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When a healthy church gathers for worship it should renew our passion to mobilize and move out in ministry.

Historically, whenever the church of Jesus is dynamic and healthy, it grows.

But healthy, missional Christians don’t just clump together in larger and larger groups.

The healthier the church is, the more Christians mobilize into outward-looking teams to start new groups. New churches. New missions. New movements.

There’s a fearlessness to them. A courage that’s based in faith. And a passion that says “we’re here to give our lives away for the sake of the gospel, not to preserve them for the sake of an institution.”

Build Bridges, not Bunkers

Fearless Christians gather in to worship and be challenged, so they can venture out and change the world.

They’re driven by a passion, not to protect what they have, but to give it away with reckless abandon, meeting unmet needs at home and around the world.

Fearful Christians do the opposite. They gather in, not to be challenged, but to be comforted – and comfortable.

They build bunkers, not bridges. They fight for their rights, gathering as much money, people and resources together as they can.

They spend their time, energy and money either clumping into ever-larger groups or mourning the shrinking group that used to be bigger.

Either way, it’s more about the fear of what they could lose, instead of the joy of giving their lives away.

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Karl Vaters