The secret to decluttering your house could be as simple as ‘shopping your home’.

Professional organiser Alejandra Costello said upcycling unused household items, such as a baking tray or dish rack, could help you transform your living or work space.

Ms Costello appeared on Today Extra on Wednesday, where she said it is a common misconception you have to spend money to get organised.

‘Go around your house and look for things you’re not utilising, look for things you can re-use and re-purpose to help you get organised,’ Ms Costello, who lives in Washington D.C, said.

‘For example, if you have a round baking pan in your kitchen and you’re not using it to bake or you’re using it once a year, repurpose it to organise all your spices in your kitchen cabinets to make it easier to access.

‘Or if you have an old dish rack … take it to the office to organise all your file folders.

‘It’s all about getting resourceful around your house.’

Her own home is a neat freak’s haven, with every cupboard, shelf and drawer in the home sorted and labelled.

But when asked the secret to keeping your home clutter-free, Ms Costello said the answer was surprisingly simple.

‘The secret is us, it’s only holding on to the things we need, we use and we love,’ she told Today Extra.

She recommended setting aside 15 to 20 minutes each night to put things away, so by the end of the week, there was not an overwhelming clutter.

Ms Costello has an incredible 791,180 followers on her YouTube channel ‘Home Organizing’ where she shares videos on how to declutter and organise each room in the house.

In one video she took her viewers through a virtual tour of the house, sharing tips as she went along.

In the kitchen the pantry is stacked with labelled airtight containers and organised spices.

‘You should organize round things on a round organizer to maximise space,’ she said.

Her tea drawer has organised with a square divider, ensuring each tea flavour has its own space.

In her wardrobe, Ms Costello likes to organised her clothes by category.

‘I love using drawers because everything is easy to access and it maximised space,’ she told Today Extra.

‘The real secret to organising your closet and keeping it organised is before you go to sleep at night put all your clothes away.

‘When you wake up the next morning you will notice a drastic difference.’

In her video tour of her home she showed sheet metal mounted on the inside of her cupboard where she can hang frequently used items, such as tweezers.

Excuse us while we go sort the pantry…

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