Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, gives remarks at the ERLC SBC event “Equip Austin” at Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

If you allow your children to stop going to church because they dislike it but insist they go to math class because it is good for them, those are “atheistic” priorities, according to Russell Moore.

In his latest Signposts podcast, the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention noted that he is often asked by parents whether or not they should make their children attend church, particularly if they do not enjoy going.

A mother recently told him of her child’s dislike of church, and wondered if changing churches might be a way to resolve this.

First and foremost, “you have a responsibility as parent to be spiritual leader and discipler of your children, an evangelizer of your children,” Moore said.

“Your primary calling is that of evangelist, and that means that you’re giving priority to the gathered worship of the people of God, and being under the preaching of the Word of God and participating in the worship of the people of God.”

Parents who want to ensure that their children have an education in math, reading, chemistry or any other challenging academic course because they know it is good for them but allow their kids to skip church because they do not like it, are showing their priorities. And such priorities are ultimately “atheistic,” he said.

“What you’re saying is ‘what matters for you is external success’ and ‘what matters for you is that you’re able to make it in the world,'” Moore said.

Foregoing church sends a bad signal, that the worship of God does not really matter.

As to whether or not changing churches is the solution to a child who does not like going to church, the question becomes why that is, Moore noted.

Perhaps the child finds the sermons boring and dull, but that is not a good reason to skip either, he maintained.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Brandon Showalter