A pastor in Uganda has joined forces with law enforcement and politicians to put a stop to the brutal and barbaric practice of child sacrifice.

In Uganda, ancient superstition still holds sway over many people. Witch doctors say that the spirits are pleased with the blood of children, so even well-to-do businessmen are kidnapping and killing children in order to attain supposed good fortune.

“Witch doctors believe that when you kidnap a child you get wealth, you get protection,” said Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga who was hunting down a witch doctor accused of kidnapping and killing children.

Sewakiryanga runs Kyampisi Childcare Ministries which is working to put an end to child sacrifice in Uganda.

He described the horrific practice to CBN News:

“When they get the child, most times they cut the neck, they take the blood out, they take the tissue, they cut the genitals or any other body organs that they wish that the spirits want.”

Sewakiryanga says that the brutal crimes happen nearly every month.

One little boy, Clive, was recently found mutilated in a toilet pit. Other children survive the ordeal, but bear massive scars as a testament to this gruesome practice.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Veronica Neffinger