It’s been more than 40 years since the Viking One landed on Mars and sent back the first images from the red planet.

Since then, NASA has successfully operated six other unmanned landing craft and vehicles on the Martian surface.

This week, the space agency debuted its next generation mars rover, set to be launched in 2020.

But NASA is also showing off what a future manned Mars rover might look like. CBS News’ Omar Villafranca went to the Kennedy Space Center for an inside look.

With six wheels and a distinctive alien design, visitors to the Kennedy Space Center complex have no idea what to make of this extraterrestrial machine.

The new Mars rover concept vehicle stands 11 feet tall, 24 feet long and 13 feet wide. The giant rover is the brainchild of the Parker brothers, Shanon and Marc.

The two made their names in Hollywood designing and building movie props, most notably the futuristic motorcycles in the movie “Tron.”

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