Chris Greenwood, aka Manafest

Chris Greenwood, aka Manafest

As someone who has earned over $1 million dollars blogging, I love hearing stories of regular people who ditched their jobs to try something new. Even more than that, however, I love when people find a way to make money doing something they truly love.

Christopher and Melanie Greenwood are living proof it’s possible to merge passion with work – and make money doing it. Formerly an IT Network Engineer, Chris quit his job in 2004 to pursue what he really loves – music. Melanie also quit her job to pursue modeling, and the couple struck out to build a new future of their own design.

Unfortunately, earning a living as a musician isn’t all guitar solos and screaming fans; it’s also hard work. As a Christian rock artist, Chris had been touring the country non-stop, playing 150-200 shows per year. But, once the couple moved to California, they learned about selling digital products online and the passive income it could bring.

Interview with Chris Greenwood, a.k.a. “Manafest”

What happened next? And, how did the couple find a way to earn six figures selling digital products online? Let’s dive right into my interview with Chris Greenwood to learn more.

Tell us the story of how you transitioned from a rock star to a creator of digital products.

Chris: I was in California I learned about selling digital products online and what I love to call SWISS dollars – “Sales While I Sleep Soundly.” I had a taste of passive income from songwriting and having those assets constantly working for me, but the idea of selling my knowledge blew me away.

My wife was pregnant with our daughter and it seemed like a great time to create new income streams outside of touring. I loved the profit margins as well because the only investment to create a digital asset was my time, plus a video camera and a microphone.

My first product was a self-published book called “FIGHTER: 5 Keys To Conquering Fear & Reaching Your Dreams.” It is a self-help motivational book sharing the struggles I overcame at a younger age, like being bullied in school and being overweight. I also share the story of my dad’s suicide that took place when I was only 5-years-old.

In my book, I also discuss the rejection and loneliness we face as artists and entrepreneurs pursuing our dreams. I launched a Kickstarter and my amazing fans helped me raise over $20,000 USD. However, I soon realized there wasn’t a ton of money in physical books as a self-published author but there was a ton of money in online courses and audio programs based around the book.

By this point, I had begun studying online marketing through the likes of Brendon Burchard, Michael Hyatt, and many others. One day, however, I was listening to a podcast called Internet Business Mastery when I heard another entrepreneur sharing their success story of selling online courses. Hearing this story stopped me dead in my tracks. I pulled over my car into a Starbucks, bought my favorite drink, and started outlining my first online course immediately.

While my very pregnant wife recorded my words in our tiny studio apartment, I had my doubts. I remember thinking “this is stupid” and “who is going to buy this course?” Fortunately, I kept pushing through until it was done. I kept on focusing on helping people and the impact my course could have on someone’s life if they applied it.

I made just under $100 bucks off the course in the first month and was amazed that there were zero upfront costs. Plus, I didn’t have to ship anything!

I was used to passive income from the music business with radio royalties, YouTube, digital sales etc. but this was a whole other level. Plus, I could charge a lot more then .99 cents for a song or $10 for an album!

Online entrepreneurship has been a side business for 2 years and my wife and I have made almost 6 figures in revenue from our online courses. We are constantly learning new ways to grow this business daily. I focus on creating courses to help music artists become successful in the music industry.

Plus, I have a growing membership community coaching artists to build their passion into a full-time music career.

What exactly do you do?

Chris: As Manafest I am a full-time rock artist performing on tours around the world. I also write songs and market my music online. As Chris Greenwood, I teach artists and musicians how to have a successful music career.

My wife and I plan to focus most of our time on our online businesses in 2017 as we’ve seen such a great response. She teaches freelancers about the design business while still taking on her own design clients. This has given us more freedom to work anywhere we want while also spending time with our daughter.

We love the flexibility of traveling, working anywhere, and taking our knowledge and sharing it with the world.

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SOURCE: Jeff Rose