A great white shark jumped inside a 73-year-old fisherman’s boat — and he lived to tell the tale with little more than a skinned arm.

Australian Terry Selwood was fishing in calm waters in the same spot he’s been dropping a line for the last 50 years when the 7-foot long, 440-pound shark leaped into his vessel on Saturday.

“I just caught a blur coming in the corner of me eye … and this thing hit me in the forearm, spun me round and knocked me off me feet,” Selwood told the Australia Broadcasting Corporation.

He recounted scrambling to safety as the shark was “thrashing around madly.”

When Selwood looked down, he said to himself: “There’s a shark in me boat!”

Selwood told NBC News in a phone interview Monday that he lost “a bit of skin” on his right forearm after the shark jumped onto his 15-foot long boat — leaving him bleeding.

“It was a bit dramatic,” the retired construction worker added.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Petra Cahill and Rima Abdelkader