Jerita marveled at the Mercedes Benz C300 outside on the curb. “Oh, who got a car for graduation?” she wondered aloud. 

She had no idea the generous surprise her five children had planned for her.

Jerita, 64, had just graduated from law school. Her children couldn’t be more proud of her.

“Mom do you play baseball?” her daughter Lori said to Jerita, as they were taking pictures of her in her cap and gown.

Then Lori flung a set of keys at Jerita, and the surprise was out: Jerita’s children bought her the car she had been eyeing just moments before.

Jerita squealed in disbelief. Lori recorded the entire exchange. The video has since gotten thousands of views online.

“I was just out done. It took me two to three days to get over that they made such a loving gift to me,” Jerita said, reflecting on the surprise gift days after her graduation.

Her children conspired for months to make the surprise happen. They did it to show their gratitude for their mother, who had worked hard for years to make sure each of them graduated from college, even while Jerita fought stage three colorectal cancer.

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Source: USA TODAY | Sheeka Sanahori