Dr. Richard Land

I returned Memorial Day from an eight-day trip to Israel sponsored the Philos Project, which is committed “to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Middle East.”

It was both and honor and a privilege to visit Israel during such an important strategic, cultural, and political moment in the history of the Holy Land.

The trip focused around the theme of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War and how it transformed Israel and the entire Middle East.

As I was flying over the Atlantic on the way to Israel, I began reading the May 20th edition of the British periodical The Economist, whose cover story was “Why Israel Needs a Palestinian State.” The incredible speed with which the entire Middle East changed in one week 50 years ago is beautifully summarized by the cover story in The Economist:

“IN THE BEGINNING they destroyed Egypt’s air force on the ground and knocked the planes of Jordan, Iraq and Syria. That was Monday.Then they broke Egypt’s massive defences in Sinai. That was Tuesday.Next, they took the old city of Jerusalem and prayed. That was Wednesday. Then they reached the Suez Canal. That was Thursday. They ascended the Golan Heights. That was Friday. Then they took the peaks overlooking the plain of Damascus. In the evening the world declared a cease fire. That was Saturday. And on the seventh day the soldiers of Israel rested.”

As The Economist summed it up, “in just six days of fighting in June 1967, Israel created a new Middle East.”

The euphoria of 1967’s stunning victory has long since faded among Israelis.

I have been to Israel many times and I must say that this trip was the most informative I have yet experienced. We met both with Israeli and Palestinian leaders from across the religious and political spectrum.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Dr. Richard Land is president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and executive editor of The Christian Post.