An ailing Shreveport missionary, who’s been stuck in Guatemala for almost four months after a travel incident at the airport, has a court hearing tomorrow. The family here at home isn’t sure much will happen at that hearing to bring Zack Wilson home.

They believe the Central American country’s government wants to eventually put him on trial for a weapons violation. His family says it was just an honest mistake — leaving hunting ammunition in a bag he took on his first mission trip.

The good news is, Wilson is out of prison — but under house arrest — staying with a missionary in Guatemala City, while awaiting trial.

But the family says he’s only getting limited treatment for ulcerative colitis that flared up after he was jailed, and was sent to a hospital for dehydration.

Wilson and the family are mired in what appears to be a long, painful, expensive ordeal that could take more months to resolve.

“It has been a nightmare,” Wilson’s mother, Rhonna Huffman, says.

What she first thought was a joke — her son arrested in Guatemala — turned into weeks and months of worry.

Zack Wilson went to Guatemala as part of a week-long church mission to build a community kitchen for the poor. But his good works went bad as he tried to board the plane home with the others. He was sent to a rough prison for the gun ammo in his bag, and became very ill.

His outlook was grim.

“He said before he went to the hospital and when he was so sick, the day before that, he said, ‘Well, this is where I’m going to die,'” Huffman said.

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SOURCE: Gerry May