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20 Dead in Suicide Bombing Attack on Pakistani Shiite Shrine

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Russia & Saudi Arabia Strike Several Deals

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Iraqi Christians May be the Next Group of People to Push for Their Own Country

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‘Doomsday Preacher’ Spooks Passengers On Train in London by Quoting Bible Verses About Sin and Judgment

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Defense Secretary Mattis Says it’s Within America’s Best Interest to Stick With Iran Deal

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Max Lucado: After Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Mass Shootings, How Much More Can We Take?

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Israeli PM Netanyahu Sets Conditions for Reconciliation Between Fatah & Hamas

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Tensions With North Korea Sidelines South Korea’s Unification Ministry

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Scientists to Test Planetary Defense System as Asteroid Passes Earth Later this Month

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EU Plunged Into New Crisis After 90% in Catalonia Vote for Independence

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U.S. General Says There Are Over 40,000 Troops Participating in Russian War Games

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WATCH: President Trump Urges Comfort from Scripture, Condemns Las Vegas Attack as ‘Pure Evil’

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1 US Service Member Killed, Another Wounded in Iraq Explosion

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Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S. History: Over 50 Killed, Over 200 Injured at Music Festival in Las Vegas; Gunman Dead

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Thousands of Tourists Arrive in Israel for Jewish, Christian Holidays

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North Korean Missiles Spotted Being Moved from Rocket Facility in Capital

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LISTEN: Will America be Extinguished Before the End Times? Theologian Jeff Kinley Explains Six Views

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Iraqi Officials at Border Crossing Between Turkey & Kurdish Region

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Secretary Tillerson Says U.S. is in Direct Contact With North Korea

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Sec. of State Tillerson Calls for Calming of Situation on Korean Peninsula

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Millionaire Google, Uber Developer Anthony Levandowski Starts ‘Religion’ that Worships Artificial Intelligence as ‘the Godhead’

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Interpol Votes to Include Palestine as a Member

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1 Dead, 11 Wounded in Taliban Attack in Kabul, Afghanistan That Targeted Defense Sec. Mattis

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Defense Secretary Mattis Was Target of Taliban Attack in Kabul, Afghanistan That Left 5 Wounded


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