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North Korean Nuclear Test Site Collapses; 200 Believed Dead in Underground Facility

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5 Church Leaders in Sudan Arrested for Preaching the Gospel to Muslims

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Iran’s President Rouhani Says Country Will Keep Producing Missiles

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Egyptian Christians Call for End to Discrimination as Government Shuts Down 3 Churches

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23 Dead as Somalia Police End Night-long Siege of Hotel by Terrorists

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Defense Sec. Mattis Says US Will Not Accept a Nuclear North Korea

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Spanish Govt. Considers Crackdown After Catalonia Declares Independence

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US-Led Coalition Incorrectly Announces Cease-fire Between Baghdad and Kurds

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Catalan Regional Parliament Votes to Secede From Spain

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Defense Sec. Mattis Stresses Diplomacy in Visit to Korea

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U.S. Plans to Deploy Armed Drones, Lethal Force in Niger Following Deaths of 4 Soldiers

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LISTEN: Breaking Prophecy News; The Great Harlot and the Scarlet Beast, Part 4 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #638 with Daniel Whyte III)

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Africa Becomes the New Battleground for ISIS and Al-Qaeda as They Lose Ground in the Middle East

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As Defense Sec. Mattis Visits South Korea, Can Diplomacy Work?

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At Launch of Baylor Initiative, Robert P. George Warns ‘Missionizing Secularism Wants to Take Children from Religious Families’

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Iraqi Christians Who Recently Returned Home Forced to Flee Again as Skirmishes Break Out Between Kurds and Central Government

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Jim Denision: Will Christians in America Face More Persecution?

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Elon Musk Says People Who Talk of ‘AI Gods’ Should ‘Absolutely Not Be Allowed to Develop Digital Superintelligence’

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Cyber Security Experts Warn Gigantic ‘Reaper’ Botnet Could Crash the Internet

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World Leaders Hold Simulation to Rehearse for Pandemic

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Second U.S. Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Enters Western Pacific Amid Tensions With North Korea

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Evidence Shows ISIS Mass-Executed 116 People in Christian Town in Syria

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Well-Known Moscow Journalist Stabbed by Attacker; in Coma

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Japanese Defense Minister Warns About North Korea’s Nuclear and Ballistic Missile Capabilities


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