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Blood Red Sun Glowers Over Britain as Deadly Ophelia Drags Fiery Orange Clouds Over Country

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North Korea Says Nuclear War Could ‘Break Out Any Moment’ as U.S., South Korea Hold Military Drills

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Netanyahu Speaks at Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem; Says Israel Has No Better Friend than the World’s Christians

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Ministry Experts Say Interest in Apologetics is On the Rise as Young People Are Encouraged to Question What They Believe

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Over 230 People Killed in Truck Bombings in Somalia

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Trump Won’t Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal for Now

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Is US Practicing for War With North Korea?

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President Trump Says Iran is Breaking Iran Nuclear Deal, But US Won’t Leave

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President Trump Announces Decision Not to Re-certify Iran Nuclear Deal

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Officials Say President Trump Will Not Withdraw From Iran Nuclear Deal

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Israeli Defense Experts Warn Against Dropping Iran Nuclear Deal

Politics, zTransfer-SCH, zTransfer-UCN

John Kelly Says North Korea Threat is ‘Manageable’; Hopes Diplomacy Works

Christian, Second Coming Watch, zTransfer-SCH

A Christian Prepper’s Confession: Hope Shouldn’t Lie in Survival Skills and Stockpiles

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South Korean Lawmaker Says North Korea Hacked War Plans

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LISTEN: Breaking Prophecy News; The Great Harlot and the Scarlet Beast, Part 3 (The Prophet Daniel’s Report #637 with Daniel Whyte III)

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South Korea Developing Graphite ‘Blackout Bombs’ to Paralyse North’s Electrical Grid

National, zTransfer-SCH, zTransfer-UCN

Mattis to Army: ‘Stand Ready’ if North Korea Diplomacy Fails

World, zTransfer-SCH, zTransfer-UCN

North Korea Says CIA Tried to Assassinate Kim Jong-un With Chemical Weapon

World, zTransfer-SCH, zTransfer-UCN

Iran Promises ‘Crushing’ Response if US Designates Guards a Terrorist Group

Politics, zTransfer-SCH, zTransfer-UCN

‘Negative Consequences’ if Trump Quits Iran Deal: Kremlin

Health, National, zTransfer-SCH

California Suffering Deadly Outbreak of Hepatitis A Which Could Last for Years

World, zTransfer-SCH, zTransfer-UCN

Turkey Shells Syria’s Northern Province of Idlib

World, zTransfer-SCH, zTransfer-UCN

Al-Qaeda-Linked Fighters Launch Attack in Central Syria

World, zTransfer-SCH

President Trump Expected to Announce ‘Decertification’ of Iran Nuclear Deal

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