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9 Reasons Your Church Needs a Facility Management Professional by Tim Cool

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Polish Catholics Pray En Masse at Country’s Border

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Government of India Bans Church Founded by K.P. Yohannan from Receiving Foreign Funds

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WATCH: Thousands of Christians to Congregate On National Mall for “Awaken the Dawn” Worship, Prayer, and Missions Gathering (Oct. 6-9)

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Mac Brunson, Heath Lambert to be Co-Pastors of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL

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Lawyer for Iraqi Christian Churches Says U.S. is Squandering Aid for ISIS Victims

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Hope Church in Las Vegas Sees Aftermath of Mass Shooting as Opportunity to ‘Serve the City’

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Iraqi Christians May be the Next Group of People to Push for Their Own Country

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Religious Freedom Activist: U.S. Aid Policies in Iraq Are Hurting Christians and Helping Iran

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‘Doomsday Preacher’ Spooks Passengers On Train in London by Quoting Bible Verses About Sin and Judgment

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Pastor Scott Lively Requests Removal of Judge’s Offensive & Prejudicial Language

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Pew Research Shows How Governments Around the World Treat Religion: Christianity Most Favored, but Islam Most Official

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Survivor of Church Suicide Bombing in Pakistan Learned to Walk Again and is Now Helping Others

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Philippine Police Chief Says he Won’t Stop Officers from Seeking Sanctuary in Churches

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In India, Hindu Women Are Being Detained and Harassed for Marrying Christian Men

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WATCH: President Trump Urges Comfort from Scripture, Condemns Las Vegas Attack as ‘Pure Evil’

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Thousands of Tourists Arrive in Israel for Jewish, Christian Holidays

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Former SBC President Ronnie Floyd Urges Church to Pray for the Next Great Move of God in America

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Anglican Church Faces Sanctions After Hosting First Same-Sex Wedding

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Four Imprisoned Nepali Christians Are Released After 9 Months

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3,000 Churches Reported Damaged or Destroyed in Puerto Rico

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Turkey’s President Says he Will Release American Pastor in Exchange for Wanted Muslim Cleric

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Matt Chandler’s Village Church Abandons Multisite Model; 6 Campuses to Become Independent Churches

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Iraqi Children Plead With President Trump to Help Christian Refugees


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