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Study: Increased Number of Older Americans Prefer ‘Living Apart Together’

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Merriam-Webster Adds ‘Ghosting,’ ‘Microaggression,’ ‘Shade,’ ‘Seussian,’ and More to Dictionary

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Gabrielle Union’s Best Anti-Aging Tip is the Ability to Say “No, No, and Hell, No”

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Is the Esquire Man, the Man’s Man, Dead?

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New Face of Gerber Is a 7-Month-Old Beautiful Mixed Baby From Ohio

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Fox News Reporter Diana Falzone, Who ‘Dreamed’ of Having a Family, Details Heartbreak After she Learned she Was Infertile

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Our Restless Generation is Missing Out On the Blessings of Sleep

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The Spiritual Benefits of Getting Your Sleep

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Sherri Shepherd Is Using the Success of her Wig Line to Be a Blessing to Cancer Patients

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Many Young Black People Are Turning Vacations into “Do Good” Projects Around the World

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Expert says Blue Monday, January 16th, Could be the Saddest One Ever

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University of Wisconsin-Madison’s ‘Men’s Project’ Program on Masculine Identity Draws Criticism

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Dr Xand Van Tulleken on the Weight Loss Plan That Changed His Life

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Do You Wish to Know When You Will Die? Blood Test Predicts How Long You Will Live

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Is It a Sin for Christians to be Fat?

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Millennialls Are Entitled, Narcissistic, and Lazy; Failure of Parents, the “Every Child Wins a Prize” Philosophy and Social Media has Left Generation Y Unable to Deal With Real World

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Fortune 500 CEO Brad Hewitt Shares How to Be at Peace and Get What You Want

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Want to Succeed at Your New Year’s Resolution? Here Are 5 Rules


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