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Lisa Brown Alexander, CEO of Nonprofit HR, Shares Her Battle with Depression and How She Overcame It

Lifestyle, National

Florida’s Siesta Beach Selected as Best in America

Lifestyle, World

Dutch ‘Funeral Expo’ Features Latest Trends in How People Are Dealing With Death

God & Sex, Lifestyle

Therapist: Social Media, Lack of Communication is Causing American Couples to Have Less Sex


Some People Are Taking ‘Love Hormone Injections’ to Make Themselves Kinder; What They Really Need is Jesus

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Of Course, the Obamas Continue to Look Stunning Post-Presidency


Denzel Washington Says Your Phone is Changing You

God & Food, Lifestyle

Starbucks Is Testing Coffee Ice Cubes In 100 Stores

Black, Entertainment, Lifestyle

Miss D.C., Now Miss USA, Wore Her Natural Hair … Here’s Why

Lifestyle, National

Why Anna Jarvis, the Woman Who Started Mother’s Day, Tried to End the Celebration Years Later

Entertainment, Lifestyle

This Is Why We Love Chrissy Teigen: ‘Everything About Me Is Fake Except My Cheeks’ but says ‘I Have No Regrets’


Plastic Surgeons say More People Are Trying to Look Like Ivanka Trump than a Kardashian


Peak Ages: People Are Most Creative at 25, Most Lonely at 35, and Most Content at 38


Americans Are So Stressed that We’ve Broken a Record – Here’s What We Can Do To Fix It


With So Many Ways to Connect, Why is Loneliness So Prevalent?

God & Sex, Lifestyle

5 Ways to Prevent Social Media From Ruining Your Marriage


Society’s Emphasis On ‘Loving Yourself’ Isn’t Making People Happy

God & Family, God & Sex, Lifestyle

How Imagining a Better Marriage Helped to Improve Mine

Christian, Education, Lifestyle, National

WATCH: Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. and Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd Explain How They’re Helping Students Get Over Tech Addiction on ‘Fox & Friends’


Good News for Coffee Lovers, You Can Drink Up to 4 Cups of Coffee a Day Without Affecting Your Health


Mom Writes Facebook Letter Thanking Sephora Employee Who Changed Teen Daughter’s Life

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LISTEN: Caring for the Dying, Part 1 (Preparing for the Inevitable #30 with Daniel Whyte III)

Christian, Lifestyle

The Supernatural Way This Millennial Social Media Star Encountered Jesus


Report says Most Millennials Are Struggling With Transition to Adulthood


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