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Health, Lifestyle, World

‘Aunt V,’ the World’s Oldest Woman, Dies in Jamaica at 117

Health, Lifestyle

Pornography Can Destroy Your Brain Worse Than Heroin


‘New Gated Communities’ Feature More Land, Fewer Neighbors

Lifestyle, World

Britain’s Government Health Agency Issues Warning On Epidemic of Laziness


Charlottesville Violence Leads to ACLU Questioning Defense of White Nationalists’ Right to Free Speech

Christian, Lifestyle, podcasts

LISTEN: Morning & Evening (Day 1), with Daniqua Grace Whyte

Christian, Lifestyle

Pastor Tyson Lambertson Says Jesus Didn’t Despise Small Town Living, and Neither Should You

Christian, Lifestyle, podcasts

LISTEN: Caring for the Dying, Part 8 (Preparing for the Inevitable #37 with Daniel Whyte III)

Entertainment, Lifestyle

Oprah says, ‘By the Time You Hit 60, There Are Just No Damn Apologies’

Christian, Lifestyle

The Bailing Trend: Christian, Are You Guilty of Skipping Out on Commitments?

Lifestyle, National

Congregants Worship Marijuana at the Church of Cannabis


Research Shows Loneliness is More of a Public Safety Hazard Than Obesity

God & Sex, Lifestyle

Survey Reveals Best Time of Day to Have Sex and Do Other Important Things Like Exercising, Working, and Sleeping

Finances, Lifestyle

For Millennials, There’s No Place Like Home When it’s Time to Save for One

Christian, Lifestyle, podcasts

LISTEN: Decision Making and the Will of God, Part 1 (God’s Solutions for Today’s Problems #42 with Daniel Whyte III)

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Data Shows Only a Quarter of Wedding Ceremonies in 2016 Were Held in a Church

Lifestyle, Technology

App Aims to Help Users With Anxiety & Depression

Business, Lifestyle

Air France Launching New Airline, Joon, Geared Towards Millennials

Entertainment, Lifestyle

5 Lessons We Can Learn From Kierra Sheard’s Letter to herself

Black, God & Family, Lifestyle

Couple Recreates the Obamas’ Most Romantic Photos For Their Engagement Shoot

Entertainment, Lifestyle

Model Miranda Kerr Shares First Pictures of her Fairytale Backyard Wedding To Billionaire Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel

Health, Lifestyle

Study says Americans Take Fewer Steps Per Day Than People in China, U.K., Japan, and Spain

0 Top Slider, Lifestyle, zTransfer-ICH

Religion Passes Gender and Race as Biggest Source of Workplace Discrimination

Health, Lifestyle

New Study Shows That Generosity Is Linked To Increased Happiness


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