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Lifestyle, Opinion

Author Who Once Identified as Homosexual on Why He No Longer Calls Himself Gay

Black, Books, Lifestyle

Dr. Valerie Wardlaw Releases New Book to Support Girls through Scripture and Positive Affirmations

Black, Lifestyle

Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Loving and Accepting her Body in ‘Redbook’

Lifestyle, National

Anxiety Levels Among Americans Are Climbing Faster Than Anywhere in the Rest of the World

Christian, Lifestyle

Can Yoga Move You Closer to Christ?

Christian, Lifestyle

Here We Go: Are Women’s Clothes the New Trend for Men? The Bible says Men Should Not Wear Women’s Clothing


Despite Outcome of Grenfell Tower Fire, Staying Put & Waiting Still Best Option for People in High-Rises in Case of Fire

Health, Lifestyle

How Much You Need to Exercise If You Sit at a Desk All Day

Health, Lifestyle

Exercising on an Empty Stomach May be Secret to Weight Loss


Study says Having a Regular Bedtime is Tied to Success at Work

Black, Lifestyle, News

WATCH: Children Plan Epic Surprise For Their 64-Year-Old Mom who Graduated From Law School and Fought Cancer

Entertainment, Lifestyle

WATCH: LeToya Luckett Gets Relationship Help on Upcoming Season Finale Episode of “The Book of John Gray”, Covers Summer 2017 Edition of Kontrol Magazine

Christian, Lifestyle

WATCH: Study says People Who Attend Church Live Longer and Are Less Stressed

Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle

Mandisa Shares God-Inspired Tips to Help Overcome Depression

Lifestyle, National

Why Americans Waste More Than a Third of Food

Black, Lifestyle

Lisa Brown Alexander, CEO of Nonprofit HR, Shares Her Battle with Depression and How She Overcame It

Lifestyle, National

Florida’s Siesta Beach Selected as Best in America

Lifestyle, World

Dutch ‘Funeral Expo’ Features Latest Trends in How People Are Dealing With Death

God & Sex, Lifestyle

Therapist: Social Media, Lack of Communication is Causing American Couples to Have Less Sex


Some People Are Taking ‘Love Hormone Injections’ to Make Themselves Kinder; What They Really Need is Jesus

Black, Lifestyle, National

Of Course, the Obamas Continue to Look Stunning Post-Presidency


Denzel Washington Says Your Phone is Changing You

God & Food, Lifestyle

Starbucks Is Testing Coffee Ice Cubes In 100 Stores

Black, Entertainment, Lifestyle

Miss D.C., Now Miss USA, Wore Her Natural Hair … Here’s Why


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