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Group of North Carolina Pastors say Rev. William Barber Needs to ‘Remove Plank from his Own Eye’

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The Never-Ending African Famine: Physical Needs Abound While Eternal Destinies Are At Stake

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Redefining a ‘Riot’: Blacks and Whites Hold 4-Day Meeting at Cambridge, MA, AME Church to Discuss Racial Unity

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What Happened When a Black Church in Atlanta Went in Search of White Christians to Talk About Race

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Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary

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Why Christians Need to Leave Kim Burrell Alone About Collaborating With Jay Z On his New Album

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President Trump, a Young Christian, Needs to Submit Himself to Christian Discipleship

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Lifeway Poll: Many Americans Aren’t Aware of the Good Works Done by Many Churches

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In Parole Hearing, O.J. Simpson Reveals he Started a Baptist Chapel Service in Prison, but Says he Has Not Always Been a Good Christian

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University of Arkansas Prof. Says There is Widespread Anti-Christian Bias in U.S. Academia

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WATCH: CBN Launches “Faith Nation” Live Talk Show With Sean Spicer as Inaugural Guest

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Sen. John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

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Family Research Council President Tony Perkins Responds To Rev. William Barber: Why We Were Right to Pray for President Trump

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Southern Baptist Leaders Respond to Black Minister Lawrence Ware’s Op-ed In ‘The New York Times’ Detailing his Decision To Leave the Denomination Over ‘Alt-Right’ Denouncement Controversy

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Pastor John Hagee Calls On President Trump to Keep his Word About Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

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World Vision President Urges Christians to Focus Their Compassion in Order to Truly Help the Needy

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CNN Publishes Feature on Russell Moore: The Survival of a Southern Baptist Who Dared to Oppose Trump

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Churches in South Africa Oppose Government’s Plans to Regulate Religious Practice

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Washington Post Suggests Trump is Changing Evangelicals and Evangelicals Are Not Changing Trump. Is That True?

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Oklahoma State University Diversity Coordinator Lawrence Ware Writes Op-Ed In ‘New York Times’ on Why He Is Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention

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Christian 72-Year-Old Florist Fined for Refusing To Supply Flowers for Same-Sex Wedding Takes ‘Last Stand’ at Supreme Court

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New Research Shows Shroud of Turin is Stained With Blood of a Torture Victim, Supporting the Belief That It Does Show the Face of Jesus

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Pastor and Author Efrem Smith: “We Cannot Surrender the Outposts of God’s Kingdom To the Ways of Our Nation. Christians Are Here To Transform.”

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There’s an Old Saying Among Black Christians – ‘Jesus, Please Take the Wheel’: Jesus Literally Took the Wheel as Massive Pipe Fell On Van


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