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Why So Few Black Women in Wave of Sexual Harassment Accusers? Some Say ‘the Stakes Are Higher’

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44 People Feared Lost as Argentine Military Submarine Goes Silent

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Egyptian Christians Lock Themselves Inside Church as They Are Attacked by Mob of 1,000 People

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Citing ‘War On Men,’ Some Alabama Pastors Stand by Roy Moore: One Says, ‘More Women Are Sexual Predators Than Men’

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Zimbabwe’s Military Gives Mugabe Ultimatum: Resign Or We Will Let You be Lynched in the Street

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WATCH: Libya Opens Investigation After Reports Of Migrants Being Sold at Slave Auctions in the Country

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Media Exec. for Televangelist James Robison Announces Run Against Ted Cruz in 2018 GOP Primary

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Man Shoots Himself and his Wife Inside Tennessee Church During Discussion About Guns and Church Security

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Rev. Jesse Jackson Announces Parkinson’s Diagnosis

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Saints, Pray: Young Christian Girls Gang Raped, Boys Tortured in ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in Nigeria

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Model and Radio Commentator Leeann Tweeden Says Sen. Al Franken Kissed and Groped her Without her Consent

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In New Film, “Roman J. Israel, Esq.,” Denzel Washington ‘Intentionally Drawn As a Christ Figure’

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Rep. Jackie Speier Says Two Current Members of Congress Are Known Sexual Harassers

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Christianity Today Editor Katelyn Beaty Says the ‘Pence Rule’ Isn’t the Answer to Weinstein-like Behavior

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Funeral Held for 9 Members of Same Family Killed in Sutherland Spring, TX, Church Shooting

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Tennessee Baptist Convention, First Baptist of Jefferson City Part Ways Over Female Senior Pastor

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Three Years After Stepping Down Over “Moral Failing”, Founder of Florida’s Largest Megachurch is Accused of Molesting a 4-Year-Old Girl

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WATCH: Darrel Nelson, Stepson of Roy Moore Accuser, Does Not Believe Allegations Are True

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Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop Rudolph McKissick, Jr., and Dr. Freddy Haynes Condemn Alabama Pastors Who Signed Letter of Support for Roy Moore

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Christians in Sudan Keep the Faith Despite Escalation in Pastors Being Arrested

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5 Dead, 4 Injured in Shooting Spree at School in Northern California; Suspect Killed

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In China, Christians Are Told to Replace Posters of Jesus With Posters of President Xi if They Want Healthcare and Poverty Relief

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Alabama Pastors Say They Didn’t Write Letter Roy Moore’s Campaign is Using to Push Back Against Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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4th Person Shot Dead in Tampa in Possible Serial Killing Spree


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