A 79-foot female blue whale carcass tumbles in the surf at Agate Beach in Bolinas. A team of three scientists from The Marine Mammal Center and California Academy of Sciences responded to the carcass Friday, May 26, 2017, to take initial measurements and tissue samples. The Center has previously responded to 8 blue whales in its 42-year history including a 65-foot blue whale at Westmoor Beach in Daly City in October 2016. (Photo: Courtesy: The Marine Mammal Center)

A dead whale that washed up on a Marin County beach this week likely died after being hit by a ship, according to officials at the Marine Mammal Center.

The adult female blue whale was first reported dead on Agate Beach in Bolinas on Thursday and a team of 25 scientists and volunteers gathered today to perform a necropsy in order to determine how it died.

The roughly 79-foot-long whale was found to have suffered injuries along its entire left side, including hemorrhaged and necrotic muscle and 10 ribs that were broken in multiple places.

Also, its spine was badly fractured and the skull showed signs of trauma, according to Marine Mammal Center officials.

“These injuries are indicative of significant blunt force trauma that is consistent with ship strikes,” officials with the center said in a statement today.

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SOURCE: SF Gate, Bay City News Service