Ben & Jerry’s newest ice cream flavor, One Love, honors Bob Marley. So, does it taste, um, herbal?

“Next time,” joked Ziggy Marley at The Roxy Monday night for an event celebrating the new flavor and his father’s legacy. Instead, although the legendary music venue had a cannabis-scented musk all night, One Love calls to mind something else Ziggy Marley enjoys: bananas.

“In Jamaica, we love banana. I eat a banana every day,” he said while sitting next to the “Jerry” of Ben & Jerry’s, Jerry Greenfield, who added that there’s some more metaphorical significance in the banana-based flavor, too. It pays tribute to the “values that (Bob Marley) espoused in his music,” said Greenfield, because the ice cream’s peace sign-shaped chocolate bits and caramel and graham cracker swirls represent “black and white together, unity, and just the flavor One Love.”

In this case, peace, love and unity tastes like the chunky, ice cream version of banana bread. Yum.

As Greenfield recalls, “Ziggy’s kids tried it and went bananas” for the flavor, which benefits the Bob Marley Foundation’s One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica.

At the Hollywood party Monday night, guests had early samples of One Love while listening to Ziggy Marley sing One Love, and then play the reimagined Exodus album that he produced for its 40th anniversary.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Carly Mallenbaum