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Malaysia Says VX Nerve Agent Killed Kim Jong Nam

Entertainment, Uncategorized

Legendary R&B Songwriter, Producer, and Singer, Leon Ware, Dies at 77

National, Uncategorized

President Trump Says Reporters Shouldn’t Be Able to Use Anonymous Sources

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Indiana Church’s Jesus Statue Beheaded Twice In Two Weeks

Politics, Uncategorized

President Trump Says He Inherited a Failed Health Care Law at CPAC

Health, Uncategorized

10 Daily Servings of Fruits, Veggies a Recipe for Longevity

Books, Uncategorized

Nigerian Author Chimamanda Adichie Says Children’s Books Fail to Tell African Realities

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LISTEN: Out of the Depths: An Autobiographical Study of Mental Disorder and Religious Experience, by Anton T. Boisen (Ordained Chaplains: Out of the Depths #1, with Daniel Whyte III at Gospel Light Society University)

God & Food, Uncategorized

Remembering the African American ‘Shoebox Lunches’

Black, Entertainment, Uncategorized

Steve Harvey Reveals Many of his Friends Have Been ‘Eating him Alive’ After Meeting with Trump

Uncategorized, World

ISIS Car Bomb Kills Over 40 People in Syrian Village of al-Bab

Christian, Uncategorized

Ernest Cleo Grant II says This New Urban Mix-and-Match Spirituality Is Really Just Old-Fashioned Syncretism

Uncategorized, World

Israeli Government Denies Work Visa to Human Rights Watch Worker, Accuses Group of Engaging in ‘Palestinian Propaganda’

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LISTEN: Donna Brazile Talks to Roland Martin About the Democratic National Convention Selection Process

Uncategorized, World

WATCH: Siberian Tigers Hunt Down Flying Drone and Eat It

Black, Christian, Uncategorized

Remembering L. Venchael Booth, Founder of the Progressive National Baptist Convention

Technology, Uncategorized

Google’s Self-driving Car Business, Waymo, Accuses Uber of Using Stolen Technology

Black, Uncategorized

Ohio Mom Who Decapitated Baby Gets 15 Years To Life In Prison

Technology, Uncategorized

Sensitive Personal Data Leaked by Cloudflare

Christian, Uncategorized

Pastor Riva Tims Uses ‘When it All Comes Together’ Book Launch to Remind Attendees of God’s Faithfulness

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Zion Baptist Church of Philadelphia Celebrates Past and Present with Mural

Black, Uncategorized

Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Is Using the Pulpit to Teach Black Heritage

Entertainment, Uncategorized

Simone Biles and Mr. T Join ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Christian, Sports, Uncategorized

Former Detroit Lions Player Fernando Bryant Fired From His Job at Georgia Christian School Over 3-Year-Old Picture with Alcohol Bottle


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