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EU Leaders Tell UK PM May to Match Brexit Promises With Concrete Proposals


Nikki Haley says Russian Cyber Interference in U.S. Election is ‘Warfare’


WATCH: In Thinly-Veiled Trump Broadside, George W. Bush Condemns Bigotry, Bullying, and Prejudice as ‘Blasphemy’ Against American Creed (Transcript)

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George Will’s Next Book Takes Long View of Conservatism

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Man Dressed as Pokemon Pikachu Arrested After Attempting to Jump Over White House Fence

Black, National

‘Pay to Play’ Oklahoma Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man In 2015 Walks Free

Entertainment, zTransfer-UCN

‘Breaking Bad’ Actors to Host Fundraiser for Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

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Unpaid $7 Waffle House Bill Leads Police to Uncover ID Theft Ring

Black, Media

Tom Joyner Announces he is Leaving Radio in Two Years

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Russian Opposition Divided Over TV Host’s Presidential Bid

World, zTransfer-SCH

Saudi King Orders Review of Mohammed’s Teachings Used to Justify Terrorism

God & Food

National Seafood Day! Broiled Salmon

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Infographic: The Islamic State May be Nearly Defeated in Iraq and Syria, but ISIS Cells Are Popping Up Around the Globe

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Elderly Couples in California Wildfires’ Path Died in Each Other’s Arms

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Daniel Whyte III Announces 21-Day Pre-Thanksgiving Fast for Overweight and Obese Christians, Starting November 1st, 2017

Technology, zTransfer-UCN

Facebook Bug Puts Pittsburgh Users in Philadelphia for a Day

World, zTransfer-UCN

Merkel Wants EU Aid to Turkey Cut for Direction on Democracy


Jeremy Lin Out for Season with Ruptured Patella Tendon; Nets Guard says ‘God Is Always In Control’ Following Injury During Game

National, zTransfer-UCN

Prosecutor Grateful for Closure in Shannon Kepler Trial

World, zTransfer-UCN

Spain Ready to Revoke Catalonia’s Autonomous Powers Amid Independence Bid


Belgian PM Downplays Rift With Spanish PM Over Catalonia

National, zTransfer-UCN

2 Men With Hunting Knives Steal $1 From Massachusetts Store, Then Flee

National, zTransfer-UCN

US Tourist May Have Been Subjected to Health Attack in Cuba Years Before Diplomats

Sports, zTransfer-UCN

International Olympic Committee Expects Decisions on Russian Doping Cases in November

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