Over 100 people have been killed in a tragic oil tanker fire in Pakistan.

The BBC is reporting that an oil truck turned over near the Pakistani city of Bahawalpur. People gathered to collect fuel from the tanker, and that’s when it burst into flames, swallowing up 123 people in an inferno.

Quoting eyewitnesses, Pakistan’s Geo TV reports that the fire may have been ignited by people smoking at the scene. The roads in many areas of Pakistan are notoriously bad, and that was likely the cause of the oil tanker being overturned.

The Pakistani army has dispatched helicopters to carry the wounded to hospitals.

Photos being displayed on Pakistani TV show charred bodies and burned cars and motorcycles. Some of the victims who were badly burned in the incident will only be able to be identified through DNA.

Local police sources told the AFP that, “People living in roadside villages, carrying domestic pots rushed to the scene to collect oil and they also made phone calls to their relatives living in other villages to immediately come to collect oil.” Law enforcement tried fruitlessly to keep the crowd away from the tanker.